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Upcycled Art by sc greek

Redwood Adorned with Jewelry

Saatchi art upcycled art old growth redwood fence board art

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My early years as an artist were influenced by M.C.Escher and Monet. I was born in OC California and spent many of my summers rolling around in the Laguna Sawdust. In the 70's I was a sign painter, lettering ten meter sized billboards and created many hand carved monumental redwood signs for local businesses. If your looking to get special outdoor advertising displays or art for your business, please feel free to ask me about costs and all the new creative sign materials available.
I'm an active freelance commercial artist and now reside in Northern California. I look at each project as a technical structure, this stems from my ten years at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company (Boeing), where I worked as a senior technical illustrator, doing diametric & isometric renderings for presentations & maintenance manuals.

recycled fence/jewelery
wood recycled - $50.00
wood & jewelry upcycled $40.00

wood & jewelry upcycled $30.00

New Upcycling Artwork

A fusion of acrylic painting and heritage jewelry on a canvas of old growth redwood. Coming soon new work available online at Saatchi Art

Exclusively made for your creative outdoor spaces Reused (upcycled) Old Growth Redwood Fence Boards Spark-up your outdoor resting places, have year round color in the garden!!! Buy directly from the artist.
Steve or direct cell phone at (707)494-9910

recycled fence/jewelery
wood recycled $40.00
wood recycled for $25.00

Old Growth Redwood is an ancient wood. An old-growth forest is one that attains age without significant disturbance.
Real grape leaf embedded art
As the grain of the wood has its own expression, the form of the style comes through as the artist is forming the piece. It is the wood
talking to us.
This is about
listening to nature.
Embedded in these fence boards of old growth redwood are pieces of jewelry
with a history
all their own.
Artwork/wood pieces for sale/rent, also on sale at PayPal.
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