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Westernstylecatering is cooking in a big mobile way! In design I strive to create awesome Cartoon Characters, and simple user interface layouts.
Web pages should be informative and accessible to all. PacificMix will provide superior quality graphics & animations that clearly convey your message and draw in new customers.

Business Card Designs

Digital Designs

A few past projects would include business cards, signage and promotional banners for booths at technical shows, banner ads, and clean layouts for brochures. My complete experience as an artist was founded on designing billboards for the outdoor advertising industry. This talent requires a message get to its target audience quickly. (highway ads get three seconds or less) I take this talent to the desktop when digitally designing graphics and presentation functionality.

Recipe for Start-Up Business

As the owner and lead producer of this business I'm as creative in the kitchen as in my studio. Here's an example of a dish I might do for your business.
Start with a fresh technical Illustrator trained at Boeing and add a pinch of silk screening. With a large brush mix in a high-rise window washing billboard sign painter and finely chop up 4 years of software developer. In a side dish, mix web consultant with 20 years of computer graphics design skills and slowly pour in a hefty amount of marketing savvy for start-ups. Mix together and hire for your next hot crunch project. Don't wait too long, this tasty discount dish will move fast! Stephen Greek here, I do vegetarian dishes with the same creative results.
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